Examination hall

Confident, I entered the examination hall,
Standing amongst the serious crowd, tall;
Looking for a place, next to a pretty face  ;)
Alas, all occupied!
Invariably, the last row corner seat,
Less airy, so as not to fall asleep, but neat.

As challenges popped up on the computer screen,
And I, hurriedly scribbled in vain, to questions bland
The timer ticking away, as if to a magician’s wand;
I decided I had had enough!

The guy next to me was bored to death
Scrolling through questions, yawning,
Looking sideways, his head swaying,
Oft opting for a deep breath.
Another one was busy adjusting his chair,
A third, a could-be model, her hair.

Most girls looked serious, boys looking vicious;
One of them closed his eyes in apparently a ritual,
Either asking God for help or for making a wild guess!
An obese guy had his head down,
As if, waiting for a bud to sprout,
From seeds he had sown!

Curly hair, with the appearance of a bee-hive,
Possibly from a budding rock band,
Ronaldo-spikes, energetic, impatient and uneasy, 
Possibly from the soccer field,
Thick-rimmed glasses reading comprehensions
Of prosaic measure with poetic muse;
All aspired for the same- what a shame!