The End

This would be my last one here. Or the second last, technically. I would like to snap all ties with my beloved blog. For reasons more than one. Stealthily shall I bypass them. For me, this blog has been a forum for confessions slightly hidden away from the regular eyes hovering on popular podia like Facebook. Like books are to be kept in a shelf different from medals, ideas and thoughts of different shapes and sizes have their own place. This blog has been a source of immense joy for me ever since its inception, two years back. Probably two autumns is too short a life for any blog. But as theists would agree, the creator has authority to end one’s creations. If I ever feel like, I could give it fresh life, which at present I intend not to.
The purpose of a blog, as I discovered, could be manifold- but never the same as maintaining a diary. A blog need not be a chronological account of events. Instead, it could, as in my case, be back-and-forth trips down some cherished memory-lanes or dark alleys. Sparks from the past and speculations about the future merged into the present as my keyboard in close association with my fingers gave expression to the blood gushing between the heart and the brain. I tried not to “publicize” my blog as far as possible but I confess that the visitor meter ticking away faster than I would expect charged me with a “feel-good” factor and spurred me to my next post. I really do not know how people from Philippines or Madagascar or Turkey ended up visiting my page. I do not even know if this information is accurate. Still, blogger managed to keep me happy with these little rewards. Comments from random strangers and friends who I thought stopped reading my posts (to keep up with their busy schedule or in protest against my compromise of quality of posts in favor of quantity) cheered me up in the gloomiest of times. Thank You for all these.
Well, the blog had its “other” advantages. Like being member of popular blogger networks such as the Indiblogger and thereby being part of its very interesting meets where besides getting to know other bloggers, one has the privilege of having a sumptuous dinner or high tea at a posh Delhi hotel where otherwise one’s entry, as in my case on account of my tattered countenance, would have been prohibited! Add to that, this blog fetched me an award (hotel coupons and in turn a trip to Agra!) which I would relish for quite some time.
It is never easy to desert something which you’ve nurtured with such care. But “time” dictates me to take a prudent call on this. The memories attached with this blog better be interred right here (I can only hope) as I prepare to steer my life to a road probably remarkably different from the one I traversed so far. For those who want to come with me to the next ride, hopefully you’ll be less disappointed since I plan not to compromise on quality ever again. As I contemplate on how best I could transit my blog to a different place with a different name, which is to be announced shortly, I take your leave.
Thanks for following, reading, commenting, sharing, bookmarking, admiring and believing!

Towards Light

Panting haplessly inside a dark tunnel,
A boy in shorts wants to make it to the end
Before the punctual rail engine breathes out fire,
Crushes him to his pyre.
Is it the star, down at evening,
Generous and timid- its red laser
Or the butcher train and its burning yellow?
Frightened, he runs for life towards the light-
For he was told light was knowledge.
The science of probability, common sense-
All pointed to the exit,
The exit welcoming- either honest or satanic;
He'd never know which one,
Unless he reached there.

For education is important...

For education is important,
It is with pride I have received them,
Advantaged at birth, inequity's the game;
Sailing across for a place in the hall of fame,
Literacy for many or varsity for a few-
Who is to blame?

For education is important,
Plush jobs that follow, albeit dull, chased us;
All busy to board the already crowded bus,
Shoving the elderly co-passenger to win a better seat,
To disembark at the next stop-
To tell the world of our feat.

For education is important,
It was prudent to have a working filter,
That'd shun the waste and out of the gutter,
They're convinced that was better for the greater-
For they never thought that the best would someday
Join hands to write a letter-

“For education is important,
We lions saved it for us, let the cows munch on grass,
Extracted the gold, left the brass,
You might call us crass, we'll let those comments pass-
We built hospitals, invited patients over,
Without employing a nurse!”


The prayers had long receded
Into foul alleys of Oblivion or Karma's bliss,
Half-shut eyes, unprejudiced,
That demanded evidence of His,
Inquiring of the boy- deceased.
The white cloaked priest, the saffron saint
All resigned to 'Thee',
Your wishes, your want- they chant-
Tell 'em to open their eyes and see,
Breathe the air of logic and not lament.
Some complained it was his past life,
Others spoke of his parents' misdeeds;
How would I influence my fortune,
One that would be reaped by others' seeds?
Would I choose to work
If it were to be evaluated not any soon?
Prayers, albeit fewer, have golds flourishing,
The stakes are high, hopes diminishing;
You gotta respond before it's late,
Before they stop invoking your name.