The choice of traveling in a car air-conditioned
Through downtown ‘alleys’
Versus a walk through the gravelly terrains
Through the face of nature-
Isn’t easy.

To leave the coziness behind
And tread the path full of hassles-
Isn’t easy.

Yet, if you never come out of the car
And look outside,
You’d never know what lay hidden
From your sight-
How the hood blocked the view
Of the blue and the cotton above;
How the floor saved your shoes
From being drenched by the brook;
How the glasses gave the touch of the green
On your neck a miss;
How your attention was captivated in traffic
While bounty lay bare all ’round.

The apparent hassle is a thrilling ride, I say-
Not easy but all fun.
The world beckons you
To come out of the comfort ersatz -
And see if I am right?

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