Pursuit of happiness- 2

In counting in the night-sky the uncountable,
The feral animals from the fable,
Ice-cream and cakes on the birthday table,
With the little sibling everyday quibble;
In holding your papa’s hand,
Colorful balloons on stand,
Watching waves soak the sand,
The kiss on the forehead that costs
More than a grand!

In sharing junk food with friends,
Homecoming from school in the rain,
In diving to stop the ball
From touching the boundary, the wall;
The nursery rhymes in family gatherings
The gestures, the mannerism, the noddings-
Earn you thunderous applause;
In winning the drawing competition,
Hands all dyed in red and green!

When I knew nothing of philosophy
My life was easy,
Like the child, who need not pay-
For being happy!

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