Sometimes I forget...

Sometimes I forget
To write-
About things hovering in my mind,
Of places close to my heart,
About people my kind-
As if the mind is a cart
Overloaded with bags, carrying the past-
To the nearest shore,
To let them go with the wave,
While the crowd is intoxicated in a rave.

Sometimes I forget
To talk-
Of people who made me me,
About journeys that made me free,
Of discussions that made me see-
As if other things are important;
While being shut from the innerself,
Wearing a mask
To face the world of deaf,
The one with eyes and teeth.

But I never forget
To think-
To thank,
Of times in luxury and in dank;
With subdued expressions,
Restrained emotions,
Uncaptured lachrymose secretions-
As joy and sorrow create a collage,
Reminding me of being
Part of a memorable voyage.

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