Necessity is the mother of invention

History: I had considered writing a blog long time back, thanks to Mahul Bhattacharya whom I deeply admire. But call it my lethargy or weakness, I never really felt the need to do so. I must say, I like writing….mostly crap. And that’s what led to the inception.

Nomenclature: First things first….the name of the blog !
Well, that’s what becomes of you when you are in the telecom industry long enough…(wait, long enough?) Some might be amused by the name but most people would be frowning. If you belong to the former category, you know why this is amusing. But if you try to relate the name with something you studied and find no relation at all, don’t feel insanely stupid because my idea was to keep it simple. If you belong to the other class, I am glad I don’t have to pity you because you don’t know why…. because it’s better not to know why ;-)
Logical Reasoning: Bored with my idle state at office, I thought this would be a good way to connect “to and with” you J
Geography: I wasted more time contemplating the templates, the fonts and the colors to use in my blog more than I did on the blog title. And I must admit, whatever I try spontaneously turns out to be more appealing! Every suggestion on improving the looks of the blog would be appreciated, none on improving the contents would however be ! That’s because the high-speed Internet connection at my office allows me to spend long hours on changing templates and colors but NOT my ideas.
Philosophy: You must have been bored by now and might as well be considering yourself an “April fool”. If you are feeling so, I will consider my first blog partly successful. But, most likely, you will not admit! Not that I care! Believe me, sometimes it’s good to be fooled! Because at least you smile! J


  1. i completely understand the reason behind this blog... :) (being an RF engineer myself! :P)

    nice work frn! keep posting.. :)

  2. hopefully i'll have enough time and encouragement to keep posting :)