What I (don’t) Miss…

I like the rain, the seductive wind that follow and the water-logging,
Filth and mud that get entangled in the shoe, the frogs nagging;
Concrete disciplined lanes and flyovers, I don’t miss you!

I like the small-town roads and the dim street lights that lit them up,
Lazy bicycles, rickshaws, bikes and a few old-fashioned cars;
Gaudy Audis and BMWs, I don’t miss you!

I like the small store my mother takes me to, to buy me the new-year gift,
The genuine smile on that seller’s face, the excitement that makes him drift;
Colossus shopping malls and fake greetings at branded stores, I don’t miss you!

I like the dispute with neighbors, the noisy quarrels over minor issues,
Next day the bowl of the fish I don’t get to eat that they offer me;
Neighbors with false courtesy, I don’t miss you!

I like the stairs that lead up to my room,
Not a tiring scale, a refreshing one- I tell you;
Elevators and escalators, I don’t miss you!

I like the food at home, they are delicious and I tend to overeat,
The love and care that goes in to cooking them, the hands that feed me;
Fake aroma at a McD table, forks and spoons, I don’t miss you!

I like the poverty, the honesty and the genuineness,
The feeling of being at home, surrounded by those who care for you,
Mirages of luxury and comfort, I don’t miss you!


  1. very nice poem yaar... :)
    simple luxuries of life.. which we miss out for the fake ones!

  2. Well...thanx fr calling it a poem...some feel d lines in a poem must end in a rhyme....my vocab is weak...so, I call this a poem...he he...

  3. why did u change ur name for this blog??

  4. Either unavailability of name or my technical inability....I would like to believe it's the former.....

  5. sandy getting bored of consumerism!!!
    now he wants to embrace socialism??

  6. I wud like to embrace neither...but unknowingly I m yielding to the former....

  7. pagol pagol.....ki likchis be...