A Moaner

High-speed fan, still not enough air, is the ceiling too high?
Ahh, the warm gust-they rightly call it the loo- Boo!
Cover your faces, have shakes and juices, but get sick and weak;
I am tired…when will this summer end?

Damp and gloomy, incessant showers- will it ever stop?
Waterlogged lanes, splashing water, soiled clothes!
Carry an umbrella, wear a raincoat, but get to work all wet;
I am vexed…when will this monsoon end?

Numb with cold- blankets, sweaters, gloves- enough?
I need to get up early- Oh, please, let me sleep!
Wake up, get ready, but get pale and get late;
I am lazy…when will this winter end?

I neither like the summer nor the winter, is the monsoon any better?
Half the year is so terrible to live;
I am a moaner…when will this whining end?