Welcome, friends...

Welcome, friends, to my place-
No matter how busy you are,
You’ve chosen to spare some time
To roll back the calendar together.
You’ll travel several miles,
Braving the heat all the way-
To make it to this place this summer,
To be together,
To re-live the moments we lived,
A year back.
Again in my room shall we meet,
Chat non-sense all night,
Pull one another’s legs,
And laugh like hell over insignificant things,
Like we did,
A year back.
I’m sure you can endure the city heat,
But the warmth in this heart-
Will you be able to stand that?


  1. ei toh sandy bhai...emni simple poem likhle ami bujhte pari .... nainital will surely rock !!!

  2. are sandy to jata senti diche, khub kharap lagche eta miss korbo bole :(

  3. amrao toke khub miss korbo :(