Lend Me…

Lend me your wings, O bird,
So that I may fly,
Be a messenger of freedom-
To soar high in the limitless sky,
Far away from the boredom-
Of this shackled life.

Lend me your color, O sky,
So that I may paint myself with your hue,
Be a messenger of peace-
To soothe your sore eyes with the tranquil blue,
Drifting from the gory reality-
Of this sorry state.

Lend me your legs, O child,
So that I may play all day ignoring all dictums,
Be a messenger of motion-
To make you smile at my tantrums,
Off the barren course-
Of this stagnant life.

Lend me your ears, O friend,
So that I may tell you a story,
Be a messenger of friendship-
To take you to a dream journey,
In a spaceship, away from the hardship-
Out of this world.


  1. sandy jata dichis to.. kodin porei tor kobita samagra chapte hobe dekhchi.. ;)

  2. @naba: ha ha....publisher pabo na :D

    @apoorva: "like" your comment...one-fourth :P