Monsoon Ruminations…

Pensive, I stand by the glass window
Catching the afternoon shower
The same way I used to, before;
Except, now, I cannot-
In fear of being tagged insane,
Open the window,
Let the water soak my face,
Let rain smash hard upon my shut eyes. 

Pensive, I stand by the glass window
Musing over the fate of the greenery
That lay before tall brick walls;
Cows and buffalos- not rain-intolerant
But over the years, learnt from men
That they had to run for shade in rain.

Pensive, I stand by the glass window
Watching a man and a woman
Run for cover,
Sharing an umbrella-
Which I bet they would have let go
Had I not been watching.


  1. so why do u care to be tagged insane? :)

  2. Well..."I" here doesn't necessarily mean 'me'... it's the general notion that develops with age- with becoming an adult, with sophistication...

    In fact, in most of my blog posts, all kinds of criticisms include me as well :)

  3. nice composition the last line made me laugh :) do u really think they wud risk loosing umbrella in monsoon ??

  4. ha ha... I was too 'senti' about the rain that afternoon...prolly bcoz it rained heavily after quite a long time here :)