Masked eyes…

As I walked down the crowded street
Intoxicated in drunken revelry;
As I brushed past men and women
All in masks that hid their eyes,
‘Cause that was part of the ritual-
They all gave me a smile
And I, invariably, reciprocating
Underneath my mask;
But smiles gave me a shudder
As I never knew what their eyes spoke.

Suddenly something overcame me
Powering me with courage
That surprised me;
Made me unmask myself
And then pull the mask off one of them.
He stopped smiling-
So did all others as I engaged in the rampage;
The wrath in their beautiful eyes
So long hidden, was exposed.
They tried to cover up in shame
As if they swarmed in the nude,
But I was relieved and they, astonished-
When I smiled back!

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