(8 yr old: Maa&Baba wish at 6 AM, 8 candles on the cake in the evening;
20 yr old: Friends wish at midnight, Maa&Baba at 6AM, a candle shaped as “20” on a cake in the evening;
24 yr old: Fewer friends wish at midnight, Maa&Baba still wish at 6AM, don’t like cakes anymore)

There was a time-
When birthdays meant balloons,
Colorful dresses, candles and boons;
Distributing chocolates in school,
Receiving gifts in wrappers uber-cool!
When birthdays meant family outings,
If they fell on holidays;
Picnics and playful mornings,
Delicious delicacies post noon,
Payesh by Maa in a teaspoon,
Snacks and games with friends,
Evenings which now feel like blue moon!

There was a time-
When birthdays meant waking up in the morning
To “Happy Birthday” wishes, Maa’s and Baba’s kisses;
Expensive one-minute STD calls from relatives
“For the birthday-boy, best wishes!”
When breakfast to dinner was gluttony
Life was as perfect as symphony.

There was another time-
When birthdays meant GPLs
Friends dragged you out of your bed
At midnight- cruel smiles on each face
While carrying you to virtually a deathbed!
In the midst of this laughter and noise,
Attending calls from forgotten friends.
Face smeared with cakes,
As sounds of- “Treat! Treat!”
Reverberated from the campus lakes.

Times have changed-
Birthdays moved from the small room
To the world outside,
From family, relatives to friends,
And now to "non-friends"
From home-made food to college-gate vendors
And now to posh restaurants,
From games to GPLs and treats
And now to refined silence;
From cards to phone-calls and SMSes
And now to the cyberspace.
Over the years, one thing hasn’t changed-
The sense of joy of having born
In to this beautiful world,
Isn’t it an achievement in itself?


  1. First time on your blog,Sandeep.
    Glad to know that you too are from Ghaziabad.
    Hope to see you in tomorrow meet.

    i liked your nice presentation.
    If find time,please visit my blog.

  2. Thanks for dropping by...
    I am very excited for the meet. See you there :)
    I visited your blog and although Hindi is not my forte(actually I can barely manage), I liked your interpretations of spiritual texts.

  3. Thanks for your visit on my blog.
    I hope you would develop a taste
    for Hindi also.
    Please keep visiting and drop your valuable
    comment too.

  4. happy b'day frn.. :)
    u r actually right in ur post here.. times HAVE changed, and so have our B'day celebrations..

  5. thank 'u frn.. :)
    time will keep changing...i am trying to adapt to it...