Deceived into sleep

Yearning for a holiday
Which I always promised myself,
“You deserve to get it someday!”
(Or is it every day?!)
Forced my eyes wide open
Rubbing incessantly with fingers frozen,
Looked outside through the glass window
From the cozy comforts of my bed
Oh, news! ’looks cloudy outside
Low visibility and promises of shower
Which means- no terrible classes to bear
No boring lectures to hear.
Thus I slept-
Back to the dream where kites flew high;
Two hours later, when I woke up-
Had it already rained?
Yawning, I got off the bed with a leap
But walking to the window, half-asleep
With many a slow short stride
Slid it open wide-
Surprised to find no sign of water,
Nowhere on the road, no splash in the gutter,
Looked at the sky above
Clearly devoid of clouds
What was it that deceived me
Into believing the sky was cloudy
When I hadn’t even looked at it?
It must’ve been the window
With its blue glass!

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