Grief made me a poet

My first poem (an extremely short one to begin with):
(That this is my first endeavor in poetry-writing will be more evident after you finish reading it.)

The pain, my friend, keeps growing every day,
How I wish I could say!
The countless sleepless nights that I spent- the sorrow and the vent,
The infectious smile on your face, the disturbing thoughts they raise,
Reminds me of the truth time and again,
That you are too good for me.
But something tells me, ‘Go, bare your heart before her’
I think it’s the smile on your face.
I am too weak, struck by grief,
How I wish I could say!


  1. awsum!
    congratulations on ur 1st poem...
    u already sound like a "polished" writer (no wonder u hv attended the training by Adam! :P).

  2. thanks again...when it comes straight from the heart,it is always a beautiful creation(i don't know which smiley to use)

  3. holy cow sandy .. holy cow !!!
    good one dude .. RESPECT

  4. hats off sandy!!! u r becoming a pro at something i find utterly impossible :)

  5. ufff pagla aar parina....seriously dude thats d first poem jeta ami olpo holeo bujhechi....keep up d gud work sandy-mandy...

  6. Wordsworth was right- the sweetest songs are those which speak of thesaddest thoughts......

  7. ahh...a mess up i just wasnt wordsworth...shelley it was...