The Ship

Waiting for the vessel in the sea
To pick me up-
From where the water is shallow,
To let me embark,
And be a part of the voyage I so desired!

O Captain! Do you hear me?
Take me with you wherever you go-
Far from the shore,
Where I needn’t worry about the chores;
Where I can cry
Until my throat runs dry,
Without worrying where my tears got lost.

Here comes the ship loaded with passengers,
All to the same destination;
Mine is different, Captain,
Drop me off where the water is deep-
Into the abyss.


  1. Really a wonderful article but why ur all the articles are pathos driven ....hmmm ??, lyf is beautiful , some of its shades are dark some are light , some may attract ur attention others may distracts but all are manifesting its colourful nature so ... try to see it dat way

  2. sigh! It's very difficult to cheat one's own self... once I'm really happy from the inside, you'll definitely get to see the brighter shades in my writing as well :-)

  3. I guess your thoughts are as follows:

    Bon voyage I reckon is misnomer misfit,
    Alas when I board that empty ship,
    Filled with souls whose silence reeks,
    And mists my throats till heaven's meet,
    Amidst the shallow dances and gorgeous Balls,
    Where twain shall meet and be benign,
    I look upon the waves an search a stone,
    To skim its rough surface and churn its mold.

    But where would I find one upon the deck,
    Deserted expect for the lone patrol,
    Who sits in turns and boredom to ensure,
    Fools like me don't tempt the waters,
    Take a seemingly easy way to end the despair,
    Only to feel the agony when there is no air,
    As someone tugs your legs down to the deep,
    And silent screams give way to stillness and sleep.

    The journey seems made as the shores appear,
    Where is this alien land where I need alight,
    Home it seems for others in joyous swings,
    As I get pushed by those who rush to greet,
    And I then wish I had given the patrol a fright,
    Rather than search in the sweat for that sight,
    Which would sway my self back from pathos,
    And take me to a land, green and mellow.

  4. do u two have a common source of inspiration or one of u inspired the other??
    @ gaurav: why dont u share ur poems? are u waiting to be a famous personality n then publish them? :P

  5. well, i don't think we do have a common source of inspiration, but Gaurav certainly either wrote this after I did or mailed it to me after I posted, the ball's in GK's court...

  6. Just giving Sands a pat on his back for his prolific writing skills

  7. ohh,a pat? it was more like a punch! :D