Decision Pending….

I won’t preach you on how important ‘right decisions’ are, at the right time. Right decisions, I know (and so do you), can change the entire course of a person’s life, someone else’s life or even an organization.  Forget right, I have rarely managed to just decide on anything.
My parents were always worried when I was a child. When they took me out to buy clothes, I could not decide on the color- I always let them decide. I couldn’t decide on a gift for a friend’s birthday. I couldn’t even decide on the flavor of ice-cream they wanted to buy me. As I grew up, there were more decisions to be made- mostly concerning studies and career. Whether they were right decisions or not remains to be seen…..but usually, it takes me so long to settle on that I am left with only one option, which is not always the best for me.
In college, while I hung out in some restaurant with friends, I never decided what I should eat- I always relied on someone else to order and then repeating it- “Make that two” or “I’ll have the same”. Of course, there were exceptions. When it was my turn to treat them, life was simpler- there usually were limited choices with the budget I decided! And then, I always had “benevolent” friends who knew how to optimally use my money on that day.
Four years in college studying almost nothing and understanding even less didn’t leave me with much choice as to what to do next. But every time parents, relatives and teachers complain that I should be pursuing higher studies, I am usually left perplexed, caught between two choices- two roads- between which I need to decide before it’s too late.
After writing all this, I was actually contemplating whether to post it! Now, you say, was it a right decision or did it turn out to be an object of derision? This time you’ve gotta decide!