What’s in a name?

I guess I have them trapped… I mean, all who have been desperately seeking some information about a process in telecommunication with the same name as my blog- all who typed “Idle mode connectivity” on Google and were led to this page.
Blogger stats tell me that the list of countries from where my blog has been visited is as follows:
India, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sweden, Poland, Albania, Latvia, Germany, Israel (in no particular order)
Of course some page-views make sense including the ones from Sweden which physically is my office in India! There are others that amuse me and make me believe that there were people who might have overlooked the URL. I’m particularly amused by the name of Poland as I am under the impression that one of my trainers in telecom who hailed from Poland might as well have landed onto this page (If he really did, there couldn’t have been a better coincidence). As part of the consequence of your natural inclination to trust in Google and go for the first result, you might have hit this page. You might have made a fool of yourself- stop cursing me! Lesson learnt: Check the URL before you click; names are misleading (though I never meant to have increased hits in this way).
But who cares? I am happy to have such a wide spectrum of visitors.
It’s high time you expand your knowledge in telecommunication….so, keep visiting!

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