Beauty or the beast?

When the storm had its way
Dust turning the blue all grey
The face of sky blood-red
Drizzle apparent- run for the shade!
Signs of destruction- they thought,
Forgot the chill it brought;
Sheltered under the roof of a nearby store
Where I went to buy grocery and more,
Saw them running for cover
With their heads lower, (in respect?)
Birds flying off the tower;
Ah, just can’t wait for the shower!

And then it came,
Pouring without a shame;
Who dares to tame?
The iciness, the sigh of relief
Even old men in disbelief,
A kid, hands on his hip,
Like a commander-in-chief,
And still, not a cause of grief!

As the rain subsided,
We, recovering from the dread,
Walked away, enjoying the bliss
Nature’d gifted her nephew and niece.
A display of atrocious power
Or a feast for the eyes?
The rich walked back, happy
While others blamed their fate
The thatch had blown away,
Unprotected by any crate.

As poets sing hymns
And musicians translating in chimes
For the beauty of the beast,
Spare a thought for the ones
Who now have their least.

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