(Getting a stylish haircut, a smart pair of jeans and a “presentable” appearance are only 
at most a month away; there are other things, like our grey cells, which we have been 
grooming over the years, if not for decades. Why not attempt to make them lasting?)

You saw his dull hair, dishevelled
Atop his square and bland face;
You saw the melanin on his skin
From lying under the sun, bare-
You saw him grow beard,
Made you sneer as he neared.
You saw his lacklustre lips
Which he purses whilst anxiety grips;
You saw his glasses, discolored,
Gathering dirt from every line
Over which he brooded.
You saw him in clothes fit for a Bedouin-
Untrimmed nails, chisel teeth,
An unpleasant countenance-
And fashion miles away.
You thought he needed a makeover-
“Manicure and pedicure are no panacea”,
He said, “for ignorance, the real malice,
And I’ve been training to reach out for peace.”

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