(Readers are requested not to bug the author, asking for interpretations of 
such meaningless scribblings)

Of thoughtful reflections,
Of old chats, friendship, love and terror-
Of timid strokes of brush and random imagineering,
Of comely dawns and procrastinating afternoons,
Of themed decorations on awkwardly beautiful backdrops.

Of past, present and future
Of freedom, of choice, of force
Of myriad emotions
Of theatrical dramatics
Of art, of dirt on art,
Of philosophical interpretations of miracle
Of time, of timely happiness,
Of troubles rekindled from happiness.

Of amateur craftiness
Of thrifty flamboyance
Of jammed ears, on jammed roads
Of confused souls,
Of untold truths,
Of secret confessions-
Of the precious thing that never was.

(One thing I have learnt on the first anniversary of my blog is: 
write your heart out; it’s your own space, sponsored by an American giant)

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